Overview of Multiple Subject Intern Credential

Program Design

The SCOE Multiple Subject Intern Program offers an accredited K-8 teacher preparation program that is focused and sequential, balancing the development of sound theoretical understandings with practical classroom applications.

The Multiple Subject Intern program is designed to provide teacher candidates with the knowledge, skills, and field experiences necessary to teach in California’s diverse school settings, and includes carefully sequenced coursework to support candidates as they move through the two-year program. (See Course Descriptors and Course Sequence Chart.)

The Intern program includes a prerequisite 120-hour Preservice to prepare candidates for eligibility as a full-time, paid teacher of record. Once candidates have successfully completed the Preservice, passed the prerequisite tests, and secured employment with a participating school district, they are enrolled in a two-year, four-semester teacher preparation program. Classes are typically scheduled on Saturdays and after school hours.

Program Focus

The emphasis in this teacher-credentialing program is on developing well-prepared, skillful teachers who promote high levels of student engagement and achievement. Interns develop strategies to provide appropriate instruction for students who learn differently and to build positive relationships with students and their families. Candidates focus on effective instructional practices including: Candidates are expected to participate in a variety of classroom observations (with follow-up reflections and discussions) during Preservice coursework and within the Intern program. Ongoing support and mentoring will be provided to prepare candidates to become effective teachers and to successfully pass the California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA) and Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA).