Overview of SCOE School of Education Intern Program


Thank you for your interest in our Intern Program. The SCOE School of Education offers a two-year Intern Program as an alternative pathway to either a Single Subject Math/Science or a Multiple Subject credential. The Intern Program is well suited to:

All candidates in the Intern Program must meet the same standards for teacher preparation as those found in a traditional college or university setting including demonstration of subject matter proficiency and completion of all prerequisite tests and coursework.



Program Distinctions

There are some major distinctions between traditional credential pathways and the alternative certification route:

SCOE/District Support

Support for SCOE intern teachers is provided through a collaborative partnership between the school district and the SCOE School of Education. A mentor teacher (from the district) provides on-site peer coaching. Field Coaches and faculty from SCOE School of Education provide ongoing coaching and instruction through planned observations during regularly scheduled site visits.

SCOE faculty will actively coach candidates to improve the delivery of instruction and to prepare for state assessments including RICA (Reading Instruction Competence Assessment) and CalTPA (Teaching Performance Assessments). Additionally, all interns are assigned to a cohort to promote peer level support groups.

The SCOE Intern Program combines practical, relevant coursework with onsite support and mentoring. We recognize that our candidates bring a wealth of prior experience to the program and our courses are designed to link educational theory with best instructional practices.