Early Completion Option for Intern Credentials

The CTC (Commission on Teacher Credentialing) offers candidates for the Intern Credential an option for early completion of coursework and fieldwork. By examination, candidates may bypass coursework and fieldwork requirements. The Commission formally adopted a new assessment structure on September 26, 2013. To be eligible for early completion, candidates must: In addition, candidates must pass two exams. These are designed to show breadth of knowledge in content specific pedagogy and in classroom practice.
  1. The APK (Assessment of Professional Knowledge) Elementary or the APK Secondary. These tests are administered by NES and include multiple-choice items, a case study, and a written work product. A passing score is 220 or above.

  2. The CalTPA (California Teacher Performance Assessment). Must pass all four sections.
From the CTC website:
“Interns in the Early Completion Option are still required to receive the general support and supervision that must be provided to all interns while they are serving on an Intern credential. Currently, the support and supervision requirements are specified within pending regulations in Title 5, California Code of Regulations §80033. Detailed information regarding the pending regulations is available at: http://www.ctc.ca.gov/commission/agendas/2013-08/2013-08-1H.pdf." (70k PDF)
Candidates considering the Early Completion Option must meet with the Director of SCOE School of Education to review all requirements and prerequisites.