Support and Mentoring

Mentoring and Coaching

Support for SCOE Intern teachers is provided through a collaborative partnership between the school district and the SCOE School of Education. A Mentor Teacher (from the district) provides on-site peer coaching. Field Supervisors and faculty from SCOE School of Education provide ongoing coaching through planned observations and consultations during regularly scheduled site visits. Faculty and Field Supervisors will also provide support (as needed) through phone calls and emails.

Support for Credential Assessments and Exams

SCOE faculty will actively coach candidates to improve the delivery of instruction and to prepare for the required state assessments including RICA (Reading Instruction Competence Assessment) and CalTPA (Teaching Performance Assessments). Additionally, once candidates begin their four-semester coursework, they are assigned to a cohort that will provide peer level support.

Individualized, Specific Feedback

The SCOE Intern Program combines practical, relevant coursework with on-site support and mentoring. We recognize that our candidates bring a wealth of prior experience to the program. Support and mentoring opportunities are designed to link educational theory with best practice and to provide individualized, specific, feedback to candidates.