Overview of Preservice


The 160-hour, mandatory Preservice is designed to provide foundational preparation for success as a classroom teacher by offering introductory courses that provide:


In order to apply for Preservice classes, candidates must: Intern credential candidates are required to successfully complete 160 hours of Preservice coursework, before becoming eligible to apply for a teaching position with a SCOE partner school district.

In addition to Preservice coursework, candidates are required to:

Class Schedule

Preservice courses are scheduled on Friday nights (5-9pm) and on Saturday mornings (9am-1pm) beginning in January and concluding in May. Many courses include an online component. The Preservice schedule provides several free weekends and includes opportunities for Intern candidates to interview with prospective employers during the spring. Please see Preservice Schedule for more details.

Planning For Preservice Hours

In addition to weekend classes, Preservice coursework includes classroom visitations/observations scheduled during school hours; therefore, prospective candidates will need to carefully assess their availability to commit to weekends and to some weekdays during the 160-hour course. Classroom observations usually are limited to no more than four hours per week.

Securing a Teaching Position

Successful completion of the 160-hour Preservice does not guarantee employment. SCOE will actively recruit partner districts, and offer job workshops to assist Intern credential candidates and districts; however, Intern candidates are ultimately responsible for obtaining employment with partner districts. SCOE accepts employment at public schools, charter schools and non-public agencies. Private school employment requires special consideration.