FAQ for SCOE School of Education Intern Program

Is this an accredited, approved program?

Yes. The Intern Credential Program at the SCOE School of Education is accredited by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). SCOE is an approved provider for Single Subject Math or Science, Multiple Subject and Mild to Moderate Support Needs credentials.

How does the Intern Credential Program differ from traditional credential programs?

What are the prerequisites for applying for Preservice courses?

To apply for the mandatory Preservice, applicants must have a verified bachelor’s degree.

What is the time commitment for Preservice courses?

The 120-hour Preservice is scheduled annually during the spring semester (January - May) to provide candidates with a solid foundation of teaching theory and practice before beginning an initial teaching assignment. Courses are offered on weekday evenings. Candidates will need a flexible work schedule during Preservice, as classroom observations are a required component, and will be scheduled during school hours (about six hours in total).

How long will it take to earn a preliminary credential?

The SCOE Intern Program includes a mandatory 120-hour Preservice (offered each spring over a five month period) that must be completed prior to employment as a full time paid teacher. Upon completion of Preservice coursework, and an offer of employment from a partner district, candidates enroll in a two-year, four-semester Intern Program to complete credential coursework.

Once I complete Preservice courses, am I eligible to obtain a teaching job?

Candidates must also complete several prerequisites:

Does SCOE guarantee a paid teaching position after successful completion of Preservice classes?

The School of Education will develop partnerships with local districts, actively market the Intern Program, and provide job fairs to support potential interns; however, candidates are responsible for obtaining employment.

Once I receive an offer of full time employment, what support will I receive?

Candidates enjoy several layers of support including an on-site mentor and ongoing coaching and support from the School of Education Faculty and Field Supervisors. You will also be assigned to an intern cohort for peer coaching and support throughout the program.

As a full time teacher, how do I complete the coursework for the preliminary credential?

Once you have obtained a teaching contract, you will be assigned to an intern cohort for coursework. Classes are offered over two-years, in a four semester sequence. Classes are scheduled on Saturdays, and occasionally in the evening or after school. Online work and independent study is also included.

Are there formal exams during the two-year teacher preparation sequence?

Yes. All Multiple Subject and Single Subject Interns must take and pass the Teaching Performance Assessments (TPA) in order to be recommended for the Preliminary Credential. In addition, Multiple Subject Interns must take and pass the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) in order to be recommended for the Preliminary Credential.

What credential will I earn at the completion of the program?

During your first two years serving as the teacher of record, you will hold an Intern Credential. After successful completion of the first two years of teaching and the coursework included in the teacher preparation program, you will apply for a preliminary credential.

How do I earn a Clear Credential?

At the completion of a Professional Teacher Induction Program, you may be awarded: Professional Clear Multiple Subject Credential, Professional Clear Single Subject Credential or Professional Clear Education Specialist Instruction Credential (Mild/Moderate Disabilities).

What is the tuition for the Preservice Training and the Intern Program?