Preservice Course Descriptors for Single Subject Math/Science

SS 101: Introduction to Assessment

In this course, candidates will become familiar with the California Standards in mathematics and science, as well as the high-stakes assessments used for state and federal accountability. Candidates will learn the difference between formative and summative assessments and create an assessment matrix to be implemented in their classrooms of record. Candidates will be introduced to the next generation of standards and assessments as SMARTER Balanced assessments develop.

SS 102: Introduction to Learning Theory

In this course, candidates will be introduced to the basics of learning theory, including the development of cognition and language, socio-emotional development, the role of intelligence, learning and personality in student learning, and the role of diversity in contemporary classrooms.

SS 103: Introduction to Instruction and Lesson Planning

In this course, candidates will learn the components of effective lesson design, learn ten research-based instructional strategies, and conduct field observations in classrooms to view instructional practice and strategies in practice. Candidates will develop basic lesson plans in their content area.

SS 104: Introduction to Classroom Management

In this course, candidates will learn how to develop positive relationships with students and parents, create a set of classroom rules and expectations, and organize their classrooms to facilitate learning. Candidates will conduct field observations as part of the requirements for this course.

SS 105: Introduction to English Learners

In this course, candidates will be introduced to the unique needs of the English learner in contemporary classrooms. Candidates will understand the significance of the English learner population in California, understand how English learner status is determined, understand the difference between SDAIE (Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English) and ELD (English Language Development), conduct field observations of teachers of English learners, and understand the basic legal requirements under state and federal law.

SS 106: Introduction to Special Needs Students

In this course, candidates will learn basic requirements and procedures related to students with disabilities. Topics include instructional, social, and emotional implications of various disabilities and giftedness, the need for classroom intervention prior to referral, the different functions of the SST and IEP team, and significant legal implications for students with disabilities from both the state and federal government.

SS 107: Introduction to Technology

In this course, candidates will explore a wide variety of computer-based technology for both professional and instructional use. This course will be delivered using a combination of face-to-face and online sessions. Instruction is centered on the learner and on what is required of educators in today's technologically rich learning environment. Coursework is project-oriented, utilizing innovative electronic portfolios focusing on reflective learning practices and review by peers and colleagues.