Course Sequence for Two Year Multiple Subject Intern Credential

Semester 1
Number Course Title
MS 210 Teaching Reading, Writing and Language
MS 203 Maintaining an Effective Environment
MS 204 Instructional Supports for Special Needs Students
MS 211 Teaching Mathematics
Semester 2
Number Course Title
MS 212 Teaching Science
MS 205 Meeting the Needs of English Learners
MS 213 Teaching History/Social Science
MS 202 Teaching All Learners
MS 214 Teaching Physical Education, Health, and Visual and Performing Arts
Semester 3 (Year Two)
Number Course Title
MS 206 Data-Driven Instruction
MS 208 Creating Supportive, Healthy Environments for Student Learning
MS 210 Teaching Reading, Writing and Language & RICA Prep
MS 207 Using Technology in the Classroom
Semester 4 (Year Two)
Number Course Title
  Culminating Teaching Experience